Feast of Winter Veil – Holiday Gold Guide

With cataclysm coming out on December 7th many players may be wondering how they can prepare to make gold in the expansion. This speculation is probably overshadowing the easiest ways to make gold during December and January in WoW: the Feast of Winter Veil. I intend this post to be THE ULTIMATE guide to the feast of winter veil and I will go into exactly how you can make gold along with some new strategies you probably have never heard of for Christmas.

Before I get started, let me explain why you should prepare now and not after cataclysm’s release date. Besides the fact that you will have more time if you start now (duh), there’s also the simple fact that the world is being torn asunder. Who’s to say that those dragon hatchlings outside of silvermoon will even exist after the cataclsym, or that they will drop eggs like they do now?


Here is a master list of what materials you can collect now to make gold. Add them to your snatch list!

  • Copper Bar
  • Wool Cloth
  • Runecloth
  • Deeprock Salt
  • Rugged Leather
  • Small Egg
  • Clothes

The cloth is used to craft Red Winter Clothes, Green Winter Clothes and Winter Boots. If you are a tailor you could craft these and sell them during the holiday but competition is fierce. I wouldn’t have more than two or three sets crafted at any one time and only replace them as they sell. People tend to buy these after they get their colored hat from a boss, so expect them to sell better in the evenings when more people are instancing.


Gifts are given during Christmas more frequently then you would think. Items like Lifelike mechanical toad or tranquil mechanical yeti sell amazingly well the week of Christmas because they make perfect gifts. In general, non-combat pets sell like hotcakes during the holidays.

Glyphs, Etc.

During the week of Christmas many players are off from school or on holiday so you will see an influx of people looking to upgrade, level and basically buy from the auction house. If you are lucky enough to get a trade skill to max level before the holidays you will make an absolute killing just from selling every day upgrades. Glyphs will also sell incredibly well because there will be players coming back to the game (as well as new ones) who have not yet purchased their glyphs which everyone else did shortly after 4.0.1 was released. Most players will be oblivious of this and will be posting their glyphs far too low, which will of course create an opportunity for you savvy auctioneers reading this post.

Keeping the Snatch List Going

There are a lot of new players entering the game with cataclysm and quite a few alts being leveled up from scratch. Expect mid level items to start appearing for far too cheap as people level and dump their items to the ah like it’s a vendor. Be sure to keep an active snatch list and watch for things like recipes, epics, rares and common materials.

Vendor Item

Iced cold milk sells for far above vendor price throughout the holidays, and since this holiday is so long you should be looking to post about once per day, especially during the first week. This isn’t going to make you rich but it will make you smile.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Gran Canaria, Canary Island

A Spanish Canary Island, Gran Canaria has been a popular overseas destination for many years now. Not too far away from home, but with good temperatures and lots of things to do, Gran Canaria is a good place for a family holiday because of the many attractions that are available on the unusually round shaped island.

Aquasur is a name that gives a real clue as to the nature of the attraction. A fantastic water park, in Maspalomas, there is 130,000 square feet of things to do. With 33 slides and a number of pools, this is a place that any self respecting child, and adult, would love to be seen. Try out 13 other attractions which are all water based too, such as rapids and surf beach. With places to eat and various activities both in and out of the pools (mini golf and a mini park called Polinesia will both offer breaks from the water), this is somewhere that it is easy to spend a day and is the largest water park on the island.

If your children really love water parks though, try Ocean Park too. Well connected to many resorts via bus routes, go for an afternoon and dip in the various pools and take advantage of 13 slides which will have you in a spin. Stay until the evening for a spot to eat, and then head back to your resort with a nice worn out family ready for a good sleep that night.

Obviously, children will take advantage of anything thrilling that is thrown at them. If you do not want to spend all week at the beach or in the water, then try some proper theme park fun too. Sioux City is a Wild West themed park with live performances and a lot of sets that are realistic to the time and setting. There is a small zoo which young children will love as well, for a chance to have a look at some wildlife. Holiday World is somewhat more all rounded as an entertainment complex though, so is somewhere to consider for one day. There are some regular theme park rides and a leisure centre with bowling and other activities for the kids, so the family will be entertained all day. Leave the kids in the laserdome or arcade while you visit the onsite health spa for some relaxation and a nice chance to unwind during your time away from home.

It is nice, while you are away on holiday, to have some family days out to parks that embrace the local culture or environment a bit more though. Two places that you should bear in mind are the Palmitos Park and Cocodrilo Park. The former has Gibbon Island and many birds to look at, as well as some of the best flora that the island has to offer. The latter is home to 300 crocodiles and birds, fish and lastly parrots, which will perform shows at a regular interval throughout the day.

If you want some real fun while you are away Gran Canaria is great for family activities. From the great beaches, to the many parks on offer, you are sure to find something to do every day of the week.

Happy Holidays

Holiday & Travel Guide For Rhodes (Rodos) Greece

Rhodes (or Rodos) is the largest of the Greek Dodecanese Islands, and is located in the Aegean Sea. A mix of young tourists clubbing, people looking to explore the history and beautiful beaches make up the main tourism here, on this very popular island.

What is Rhodes like?

Rhodes has a mix of tourist traps and nice sites to see. To make the most out of the island it is good to hire a car or book excursions so you can see the more historical places as well as the main coastline.

Main Towns

There are many resorts in Rhodes, which offer different things and are scattered all around the island, some main ones which tourists find popular are Trianda, Ixia, Rhodes Town, Pefkos and Kalathos. Faliraki is also situated on Rhodes.

Trianda is a short way up the coast from Ixia. Ixia is popular with tourists and has a thin shingled beach. There are many tavernas, bars and restaurants and the area comes to life at night where you can walk to Rhodes town. Very tourist centred, there are supermarkets and many facilities to make families comfortable here. Trianda is similar, only it is slightly less tourist driven, with more locals and a Greek atmosphere.

Rhodes town is made up of 3 parts: the modern part, a medieval walled city (which has World Heritage Status) and the ancient city, which is shown in more depth in the Archaeological Museum, as much is buried now. This is a great place to go if you are prepared to travel and want to see the older historical cities. Bear in mind the beach is quite pebbly and the resort is not very family orientated if you have younger children.

Pefkos is more family orientated. A sand and shingle beach leads on to rock pools and little paths to explore, whilst there is an English vibe with many cafes and bars for people, as well as good connections to other resorts and Rhodes Town itself.

Kalathos, although quiet, is a good foothold in Rhodes for those who want to explore the island. A village with a small beach and some touristy supermarkets, there is a lovely church there and it is in a good location to be able to travel around more.

Faliraki is a typical party central, popular with the younger tourists and boasting many beach activities and a great nightlife.

Things to do

There are many watersports available along the coast of Rhodes, so beach fun is always on the agenda. Around popular Falraki you can find go-karting and other family activities, as well as a water park with flumes and such like.

Try trips out to other parts of the island to see some of the better sights. Recommendations are Monolithos Castle, which was built by the Knights of St. John on top of a large rocky area, nearby is a smaller more secluded beach area called Fourni, with sand and shingles, as well as some caves to explore.

For adults, a trip to Embonas may be good, to sample Rhodes wine and view the vineyards. Families, however, could opt for Petaloudes Valley, otherwise known as the Valley of the Butterflies. Home to many large Jersey Tiger moths, this is a pleasant walk and a good day out.

Overall, Rhodes is a typical tourist destination, and so offers all you would expect from that, as well as some nice historical sites if you are prepared to travel a little further.

Happy Holidays

Holiday & Travel Guide For Dalaman, Turkey


There is some excellent shopping to be had in Dalaman City. This is an essential part of your holiday to bring home a bargain from the traditional Bazaars. After haggling the price down on a leather coat or purchasing designer clothing from the boutiques, you won’t be short of other shops and markets to visit selling everything from exotic fruit and vegetables to the traditional carpet shops where they have some quality handmade rugs. Outside of Dalaman there is more variety and a lot of larger markets and bazaars.


Dalaman has its own beautiful natural beach that offers the usual tourist water sports with jet skiing and swimming in the warm turquoise sea. There are more than enough sun beds to relax on while the heat soars above 30 degrees during the summer months and with plenty of drink outlets close by you will be able to make sure you keep hydrated. A high sun factor is recommended especially for younger children. Malibu beach tends to attract the younger crowd so it can be quite lively and not necessarily ideal for those with families.


Dalaman comes alive at night with entertainment everywhere, from the bars and restaurants to family entertainment like belly dancing in your hotel. There is a cinema in the town as well as a decent theatre. For the young and lively then down town is the place for you to dance the night away in one of the vibrant nightclubs playing the international hits of R&B, trance and hip hop. Be aware that the local Turkish men can be a little over friendly with the tourists but they don’t mean any harm. For those wanting something less active then try some “people watching” as you eat a lovely meal from the variety of cuisines that are served in the fine restaurants to the area.

Things to do

There isn’t that much to do in Dalaman but it’s an ideal place to begin exploring the outskirts, where you will find so much to do and see you won’t know what to choose first. I suggest an excursion along the Kapda peninsula where you will be able to explore some Byzantine architecture or venture out to the mud baths. These are very popular, it’s quite an experience and the kids will love it. Then you can get a scrub down in the local Turkish baths. For the golf lovers then the Hilton Hotel has a great course. A must do is the ancient city of Ephesus, where you can see the gate of Hercules and the Temple of Emperor Domitian. It is approximately 4 hrs drive away from Dalaman but its well worth the journey. So is the one to Dalyan to see the loggerhead turtles that reside on the protected beach there. It’s an ideal trip for wildlife lovers as the area is also home to some other wildlife like the Sparrow Hawk. The most marvellous place that is approximately 53km away is the city of Fethiye, with the amazing tombs carved out of the rock face. There are some other ancient ruins for you to explore in this city too. For those of you wanting something risky and exhilarating Dalaman offers the popular activity of white water rafting. Be sure you are provided with safety helmets and a life jacket on this excursion.

Happy Holidays

Lake District Holiday Cottage Guide – A Focus on Elterwater

Never stayed in the Lake District before or looking for ideas for another Lake District holiday?

Here’s some ideas on things to do in the Lake District, a place to base your holiday, places to eat and drink, and a sample of things on offer for your holiday, with a focus on Elterwater.

My personal favourite spot is central to lots of the famous places to visit, as well as being handy for some of the best hillwalking, rock climbing or mountain biking spots in the Lakes. But it is also extremely peaceful if you want to just relax or ‘chill’ as the latest phrase seems to be!

Elterwater near Ambleside, is a superb place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Lakeland scenery. Elterwater is a charming village is in heart of the English Lakes, ideally located between the picturesque Great Langdale and Little Langdale valleys, and is the perfect location for your Lake District holiday.

The Lakes was voted as the most beautiful place in Britain and the scenery is breathtaking. If you have never been you will not forget your first visit, and if you have been, you probably will keep going back.
Whether you wish to hill walk, rock climb or scramble in the Great Langdales, meander over to Grasmere to Wordsworth’s home, drive out to the Lakes or Visitor centres, sail on the lakes or take a cruise, look at the quaint towns and shops, or just stroll down to the local village Inn, Elterwater is a super place to stay for your Lake District holiday and you can be assured of a relaxing, quiet and comfortable stay in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The typical Lake District Holiday Cottage will be slate and stone built, oozing with character and charm, and there is a large choice in many popular towns and villages such as Ambleside, Windermere, Keswick, Grasmere and Glenridding to name but a few. And you will find some superb cottages for your stay. But the quaint village, with one main street and one pub, lined with a row or two of stone cottages, for me, Elterwater has to be the jewel in the Lake District.

Things To Do when staying in the Lake District

For the energetic and adventurous – Walking / Climbing / Fell Running

The Lakes has a vast number of hills and crags and you will be spoiled for choice during your stay. There are plenty of guidebooks, the most famous being Alfred Wainwrights, and a good source of routes is published in the walking magazines such as TGO. But here are a few examples to whet your appetite. If you are an experienced hillwalker you will know that Elterwater is the perfect location for Lake District Hill Walks straight from the door, with the Langdale Pikes a short walk away. Set in the Langdales between the Great Langdale and Little Langdale Valleys, from Elterwater there is a host of routes up onto the Langdales for walking, climbing and scrambling. Langdale Pikes, Harrison Stickle, Pike of Stickle, Bow Fell, Loughrigg and Crinkle Crags are just some of the famous Lake District hills within walking distance. It is also just a short drive from Elterwater to other major fell areas such as High Street, Helvellyn, ScaFell Pike, Skiddaw and Blencathra.

We love Elterwater and one of our favourite fellwalking routes is a scramble up Jack’s Rake up onto Pavey Ark, then a traverse around High Raise and back home to Elterwater for a well earned pint in the Britannia Inn.

There are also many local, gentler walks across to Grasmere and around Chapel Stile too, if you prefer a more sedate lowland stroll. A wander down Langdale Beck from Elterwater to look at the Lake provides one of the most breathtaking views in the Lake District and is only 10 minutes walk from Elterwater. Skelwith waterfall is also a favourite gentle outing from Elterwater.

The classic hills of Helvellyn (from Glenridding or Patterdale) or ScaFell Pike (highest in England) from Wasdale Head are all excellent days out for experienced Hillwalkers and are great favourites in the Lakes. Numerous guides are available if you need help planning routes.

Please remember in the UK in the event of an emergency requiring Mountain rescue, dial 999 and ask for the Police, then as the Police for Mountain Rescue. Please support their excellent charitable volunteer service if you see them around. For guidance on hill walking if you are unfamiliar, before going out contact the British Mountaineering Council.


Naturally the Lakes has a great deal of boating activities. If you want to sail dinghies…

If letting someone else do the driving takes your fancy, there are cruises on Windermere, Coniston and Ullswater. Windermere Cruises or Ullswater Steamers.

For the less energetic of us, other things to do in the Lake District…

Visit Lake district Villages and Towns and of course Lakes

If outdoor pursuits activity is not what you fancy, there are numerous beautiful and historical towns and villages nearby such as Ambleside, Windermere, Hawkeshead, Grasmere, Keswick and Glenridding to visit, and of course pretty Elterwater Village. Elter is Norse for Swan, so Elter Water means Swan Lake. It won’t take long to explore Elterwater, but the side of the beautiful Langdale beck, the Picture Gallery and the Britannia Inn are a pleasant way to spend a peaceful afternoon wandering around the village.

Ambleside is less than 10 minutes by car and has a wealth of gift shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and outdoor gear shops, not to mention coffee shops and picture shops.

Grasmere is a lovely walk from Elterwater over the fell, or a short drive if you prefer. Dove Cottage, Wordsworth’s home as England’s favourite poet, and the local gingerbread shops are well worth a visit in Grasmere, as is Heaton Cooper’s art gallery for some stunning prints of Lake District hills.

WaterHead and Windermere are just along the lake from Ambleside with regular ferry trips around the lake, or sail yourself if you prefer. And if boats, well float your boat, there is the boat museum in Bowness-on-Windermere.

If you have little ones to entertain then the Beatrix Potter Museum at Windermere or the steam railway at Ravenglass are all only a brief car ride away from Elterwater or Ambleside.

Keswick has more gift shops, cafes, pubs and gear shops and of course the famous Mute Hall, but the large Saturday market on Main street is also a pleasant way to drift around this lovely Lakeland town. Followed by a well earned pint of the local Jennings real ale at the Bank Tavern on the Main Street.

There are many fantastically beautiful and breath-taking lakes to see close to Elterwater, as you would expect in the Lake District! A must see list has to be the lake at Elter Water itself, Windermere, Rydal, Coniston (of the famous speed records by Donald Campbell and the Bluebird), Buttermere, Grasmere and Ullswater. Some lakes have steamers or pleasure boat trips where you can jump on and off to explore surrounding villages. Ullswater steamers and a sail from Glenridding to Howtown, with a walk back around the lake to Glenridding is another favourite of ours, stopping off at Greystones coffee shop in Glenridding for the best tea and cake in the Lake District (according to my waistline anyway).

Eating and drinking

The Lake District has a number of high quality real ale pubs selling Lake District brewed ales. We prefer these to ‘chain’ pubs as the quality using local produce tends to be better and has more character. The classic pub grub has to be the ubiquitous and waist expanding Cumberland Sausage. Some examples of what is typically on offer to eat and drink in the Lake District can be found around Elterwater.

Purdey’s at The Langdale Hotel is only a short walk from Elterwater and is nice for a special night out, Fellini’s or the Glass House in Ambleside are worth a visit. There are so many places to eat from pubs, to wine bars to Michelin star restaurants. Famous local pubs around Elterwater include The Old Dungeon Ghyll Great Langdale (3.7 miles), Langdale, Drunken Duck, Barngates (3.8 miles), and only half a mile away, Wainwright’s Inn in Chapel Stile.

There is the Elterwater Inn only half a mile away for a nice restaurant dinner or lunch. Lucy’s on a Plate in Ambleside is a Cafe & Restaurant in Ambleside (4.1 miles), and The Jumble Room in Grasmere (2.8 miles), are often in peoples’ recommendations.

If you have not stayed in a Lake District self-catering holiday cottage before, you should expect everything you need for a comfortable holiday to be provided and included in the price. The booking agent will help you and quality accommodation will usually have a website with pictures and a list of the features so you know what to expect. Examples are The Goodlife Cottage Company and Lakelovers.

Cottages should provide sumptuous bedding and towels and convenient parking right outside the door. Parking can be a premium in the Lakes and there is nothing worse than having to park away and carry your luggage, so a suggestion is to check parking proximity when booking. On street parking in towns like Keswick can be full in summer season.

In self catering, you should also find fully fitted kitchen if you wish to cook and in the Kitchen they should provide everything you may need to dine in, including oven, hob, fridge freezer, microwave, kettle, pans, utensils, crockery, glasses and cutlery and a bottle opener and corkscrew too! Lake District cottages can be small so please check the size of the dining area if you plan to eat in.

Also for your comfort most should have a modern Flat screen TV with at least Freeview, perhaps a DVD/Blue Ray player, an iPod/iPhone speaker or a similar music system. These days most should provide free broadband Wi-Fi, guide books and OS maps of the Lake District, and lots of other things that will add to your entertainment and comfort.

In each bedroom there should be plenty of storage and hangers, hairdryer, mirrors etc.

A nice feature is to look for a wood burning stove for those winter holidays. There is nothing better than the smell of wood smoke on a Lake District evening on the way back from the pub!

Most good cottages provide a welcome basket so you can have refreshments upon your arrival, and in winter, an initial supply of wood for the wood burning stove, with more readily available locally. All should have free heating throughout too.

Some offer Mountain Bikes for your use during your stay, but there are local hire places too and the booking agent will usually be able to help you. There’s a hire shop in Elterwater.

So once everything is provided, you just need to enjoy the things to do around your cottage!

There are a wealth of arts, galleries and crafts, picturesque Lake District towns and villages, markets, tourist attractions, restaurants, wine bars and pubs, and a wide choice all within a short walk or drive from Elterwater.

For an idea of things to do and what’s on in the Lake District, please see the “Go Lakes” website which is the official Cumbria Tourist information site.

For a guide to local weather for your stay, I prefer the Mountain Weather Information Service. The weather can be changeable in the Lakes due to the Mountains, and yes it does rain, but there are lots of indoor places to see as well as outdoor activities, and you just need to remain flexible.

Sample Hill walk from Elterwater

The Lake District is a walker’s paradise as you probably already know!

If you are not a competent hill walker do not worry as there are loads of low level safe strolls in the Lakes around the villages and Lakes themselves. Most cottages will provide a guide and the booking agent will help you. But if you are a hillwalker and want an idea of some walks if you choose to stay in Elterwater, one personal favourite is to walk up to Spedding Crag, then along to Lang How, under Great Castle How to Stickle Tarn. From there, you can extend the walk over the Langdale Pikes (Harrison Stickle and Pike of Stickle), or simply walk down to Langdale Beck and follow the Cumbria way along the beck back to Elterwater.

In an emergency in the hills if you need Mountain rescue – dial 999 and ask for Police, then ask the Police for Mountain rescue.

I Hope you choose to have a Lake District Holiday and stay at one of the many beautiful cottages and that this information helps you during your stay. (Apologies but I cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information within – thank you for your understanding).

Enjoy your Lake District Holiday Cottage wherever you choose to stay!