Holiday & Travel Guide For Florida, America

One of the most southern states on the east coast of America is Florida, a state which is connected to the main land but is still surrounded by ocean. The gulf of Mexico lies to the west and the Atlantic ocean to the east. Florida is one of the most advertised holiday destinations within the UK recently, boasting to be the home of a number of celebrities, and you can see why. Not only does Florida have brilliant theme parks and attractions for younger holiday makers but also an excellent array of activities for adults of any age. The most famous though, of course, being the range of theme parks in the region.

Some of the most popular destinations within Florida are: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Each has their own unique hook and selling points, which make them stand out from each other. Orlando has some world famous attractions for the family, which makes it a good place in Florida to plan a visit: the most famous being the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as the Universal Orlando Resort and Sea World, which are also located there. The Universal Studio resort can be visited alongside Universal Islands of Adventure on a two day pass offer, in which you can do one park per day. Check the official website of both this, and Disney World, for details of offers for these sites. Even the most active children will be able to wear themselves out visiting these theme parks, leaving the evenings free for the adults in your party to explore a bit, so a magical holiday is bound to be had by all.

If your children are not so little any more then Tampa would be the city which you should look at, having more attractions aimed towards a more mature group with Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, an African style park which is home to a number of African wildlife and some of the most notoriously known roller coasters in the world. But if the heat is all too much for you walking around Busch gardens huge 335 acre plot then just over the road, adjacent in fact, is the world famous Adventure Island. This is a water park built on a 30 acre plot of land with attractions such as: Endless Surf, Caribbean Corkscrew and the Gulf Scream. Adventure Island is promised to be a great day out and a place to cool down in the Florida heat.

For a more laid back holiday Jacksonville is the best city in Florida to visit, having the largest population out of all of the cities in the state of Florida, it is one of the best for retail therapy as it has two enclosed malls and a number of museums. This is perfect for those wanting to spend hours upon hours taking in the sites and spending in the malls picking up bargains.

In comparison to the other cities, Miami is the most suitable city for beach holidays, being a city built on the shores of four spectacular sandy beaches, making it the ultimate place to relax on with picture perfect azure seas and golden sands. As well as previous points of interest, Florida is also known for mangroves which can be explored via fan boat.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa is one of the most popular resorts lying on the picturesque island of Cyprus, in the Mediterranean sea. This acts as the perfect location for a resort aimed at 18 to 30 years olds who are looking for a fun packed holiday where they can have a good time and go clubbing, experiencing some of the most acclaimed DJs in the business.

Ayia Napa is the epicentre of the clubbing scene right now. There is no where any more up to date, with some of the most famous clubs in the world supporting active appearances from DJ’s such as Armand Van Helden, Tiesto and DJ Luck. The main clubs within Ayia Napa are The Guru Bar, Grabbarna Grus, Minos, Napa Dreams and Starskys.

The Guru bar is an up-market stylish hang out, standing out from the other bars with an imaginative selection of unique cocktails which have been honed and perfected on many a guest. Not only boasting a list of superb cocktails, The Guru Bar also has a small dining area to the rear of the venue, with a garden area, making this a dining experience to remember and somewhere nice to line your empty stomach before a night out. Make sure you try one of their very own mixes and compilations to dance the night away to.

The live lounge bar in Ayia Napa is the best place on the resort to hear some of the finest in up coming new talent, as well as some of the more well established bands which are big on the British scene. With friendly staff who bring drinks over to the table while you indulge yourselves in the immense atmosphere, this bar is a bit of a twist on the usual Ayia Napa scene, as it rocks some great indie tunes. The live lounge bar also serves a great selection of bar food, making it an ultimate place for you and your mates to just simply hang out and take everything in.

For the all out clubber the place to be is Starskys, a bar holding over one thousand clubbers at one time and playing some of the most up to date dance music which Europe has to offer. With over one thousand clubbers all in the one room, this makes it one of the most hectic and enjoyable experiences anywhere. There are multi height platforms to dance on and Starskys is a wonderland of flashing lights and pounding bass lines, the place for the hottest clubbers to be seen.

Ayia Napa, even though being based more around the club scene than anything else, also has scope for a child friendly holiday. It is not all about bass lines and neon lights, as there is also a beautiful beach and lots of child friendly areas dotted around perfect for sun drenched days out as a family, if you want to take the little ones with you.

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How To Plan Out Your Holiday Activities

Every holiday maker looks forward to the many activities he will enjoy when he finally gets to his destination. However you could end up missing out on the best activities even when you have selected a good holiday destination. It helps to be a little organized when planning for your holiday so that you can get the most out of it especially as far as the activities go. A few tips can help you make sure that you have everything well laid out for a fun filled vacation in your destination of choice.

Know your destination

One of the best guides towards an enjoyable holiday is taking the time to know your holiday especially around the activities that it holds for you. The more you know about what you can enjoy when in the destination, the easier it should be for you to plan out the stay in such a way that you maximize on what it has for you.

Create an activity list

After getting every important detail you need about the destination, you can then create an activity list without leaving anything out. The list will give you an easy time deciding what activities you must enjoy and to plan the holiday time so you have enough time for every activity you feel will be worthwhile.

Mix up the activities

The one thing that you want to do when you are visiting a new place is engaging in what is held important in that place and not necessarily what you love doing. You should take up activities that you are not usually exposed to in your home town. Trying activities you usually don’t find as interesting could be all you need to enjoy a rewarding holiday. You can for instance try out hiking and biking even though you are more of a beach person. Mixing things a little keeps the interest going.

Try out new local activities

Check what activities or events are held in your destination during your travel time and make a point of taking part in them while there. This is a very simple way of getting into the lives of the locals and learning a few things about the local culture and history. You never know, maybe one of the local activities could be all the reason you need to come back to the same place the next vacation you get.

Have your finances in order

Even though most fun activities might be enjoyable free of charge, you might be required to pay to enjoy some. Find out in advance what is offered free to visitors and what you need to pay for as well as the rates. When travelling you cannot ignore the importance of planning your finances and enjoying the holiday within your financial limits hence budgeting is important. Know what amounts are needed to help you achieve your holiday goals and just how much you can spare for the holiday. Every decision should count in your finances to avoid overspending or spending on all the wrong things.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Taba, Egypt

Taba is on the border of Egypt and Israel, on the Egyptian side. It is a small town, but one that is popular with both locals and holiday makers. Taba, is not the most action packed place in the world, but the Egyptian setting is stunning and you can always use it as somewhere you stop for a few days, before moving on to other resorts in Egypt, or up into Israel.

Taba is a romantic holiday town, which is good for couples, or groups of adults, but may not have enough to do for families who are looking for a nice break. There are a few things to do in the region though if you do not mind going out of Taba itself on some days. You will find trips on offer include places such as Mount Sinai and Petra. You can also head to Beer Sweer, 15km south, for some nice beach areas with eating establishments and straw huts to relax in.

Another place it is a great idea to go and visit is Castle Zaman. Because of the raised location, you can see into 4 countries from this tall castle and spend some lovely time at the bar or relaxing by the pool there. With a gift shop offering a great deal of items to buy for friends and family back home, you can tick several of the key boxes for your holiday here: seeing something breathtaking, getting souvenirs, relaxing and soaking up some sun. Many tourists who visit the castle come back urging others to go and see it if they are in the region, so it really does come with high recommendations. This is an adult only kind of sight though, as there is drinking and not any child friendly activities on offer to keep little ones entertained.

Taba is a great place for an adult holiday, as the famous Hilton hotel there also has a casino, Casino City, which is what draws many people in to Taba. The hotel itself has 11 stories and includes a diving centre as well, the casino is the main draw though. This is an excellent hotel to stop at if you can afford it, with all the modern amenities you need and an interesting array of activities on site plus a private beach available to residents.

Red Sea diving is one reason tourists flock to Taba. Red Sea Water World is in Taba Heights, which is an area where development is booming, in order to help locals have better facilities to integrate them into a tourist area, and also to offer some new features to Taba in general. There are 6 hotels as well as a diving centre and water sports, as mentioned, which are nestled in amongst the scenic mountain scenery of the area. Red Water Sea World offers diving with qualified instructors, and will teach you everything that you need in order to be able to have a fun day in the water and see some nice sights. If you are into sports, but prefer something less active, then why not try the Three Corners El Wekala Resort Golf Course for a nice relaxing day on a fantastic course nestled in Taba Heights.

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Top Holiday Activity Adventures to Check in New Zealand

There are hundreds of Tour operators in New Zealand offering one or another or multiple New Zealand adventure travel packages. And it can be difficult to make a choice But don’t fret – help is at hand. Most cities and towns have one or more tourist information sites which can help and assist in finding what kind of adventure is available in the place you are visiting or nearby.

New Zealand is 100% surrounded by water and both islands offer a vast and wonderful range of water activities – be it in the sea or on the river or on the lakes and includes diving, kayaking, fishing, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, scenic cruises, sailing, river rafting and many chartered boat tours.

Here are a couple of handful of Travel adventures Tips in the South Island of New Zealand – some activities and adventures are not for the faint hearted visitor – so be aware of the following:

River Rafting – Greymouth Called either white water or black water rafting. You float through an underground galaxy world of glow worms and you can add some more adventure and adrenaline with an optional cliff jump or an abseil down to the top of the river tubing section followed by a relaxing hot shower

Skydive in Lake Wanaka
If you’re afraid of falling then jumping out of a plane this is probably not your idea of a fun time. But take comfort in the fact that you’ll be strapped to a professional who is doing all the work for you (and pushes you out of the plane – hiding under a seat wont’ help) You will never forget the awesome views – so go for it – it will change your life forever

Bungee jump in Queenstown
If you’re scared of heights, there is no better way to sort that out than getting tied to a rubber cord and jumping off a really high bridge over a raging river. Bungee was invented in New Zealand (where else) and you can take a dive from the original site near Queenstown.

Swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura – South Island
We hope you haven’t seen the movie Jaws when you were little because you might not want to swim in the ocean but swimming with dusky dolphins might change your perspective againOrganised Boat tours from Kaikoura take you into the open ocean where you can jump in with a pod and watch them up close in their own environment. And if you are still reluctant you might get lucky – all tours are weather dependent

Glacier-walking at Fox Glacier
A guided hike on Fox Glacier is literally a cool and cold experience Spilling down from the Southern Alps Fox Glacier almost makes it all the way to the sea. Ice crevasses and odd-looking formations – a walk on the glacial tongue is money well spent. If you want you can take a Helicopter flight – they can take you up even further and are even able to land on the glacier.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to visit and the “can’t wait to get there attitude” of travellers from all over the world and especially Australia – makes the planning of your adventure travel an exciting one!

Conclusion… come on World travellers – we may live in tough economic times – but New Zealand’s adventures are waiting for you to be discovered!