Holiday & Travel Guide For Tunisia, North Africa

Tunisia is the most northern country and the smallest in all of North Africa, situated on the Mediterranean coast. Relatively small in relation to the neighbouring countries, it is on the Atlas Mountain range and also has a southern desert region, which is part of the Sahara. Tunisia has a varied history, which means that there is much that can be learnt when you visit any of the areas there. However, it is also well known for the beautiful scenery which attracts many people each year.

Tunisia is a great place to go for a sporting holiday, as there are several major sports that are practiced in the area. Hotels may have the facilities for these onsite, but if not there are many sports clubs which can offer activities such as golf and tennis, and there is 1,300km of coastline, where water sports such as diving, sailing and surfing can be tried. Dune skiing or go karting through the desert are other sporting alternatives too, which can be a great deal of fun. It is not just a place that people go to sit and relax on the golden sands, although it is obviously a tempting pastime.

If you are in Africa, shopping is always a good thing to try out. The nation makes gorgeous hand crafted materials, from jewellery to cloths, and Tunisia is no exception. Handicrafts and creativity are one thing that you can see in abundance in Tunisia, and that is what the remainder of this article will focus on.

The heritage of Tunisia means that there are beautiful remnants of previous times still in existence. One such example is mosaics. Try the Bardo museum, 4km from the capital of Tunis, for an example of artwork and mosaics from many of the previous centuries, many from the 2nd and 4th Centuries AD. Look out for the mosaic portrait of Virgil as a key piece of artwork. The ancient city of Carthage will delight people who want to relish in the beauty of ancient Tunisian ruins, so try a day trip there, which will give you plenty of photo opportunities. Of course, whilst looking at the creativity of other nations is a great way to pass time, the best thing is being able to pick out something special that you can take back home to remember your trip by. Tunis medina (al-Madinah) is one of the best places to go to try and grab a bargain for yourself. From the 5th Century AD, Tunisia was admired for the weaving that took place there. Something such as a cushion or throw, along with ceramics, are the kind of things to look for at a Tunisian market, as they are specific to the area. The Grand Souk des Chechias, one of the biggest Souks, is also a good place to try for the traditional red caps that are known as being popular in the region and which were traditionally used for making a turban.

Sousse and Monastir also have nice markets, so wherever you are staying in the region, you can get yourself bargains to take home- just remember to haggle!

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Holiday Activities – Few Things You Can Do To Celebrate The Halloween Event

The idea of sitting together on a couch with your family and watching television spending the holiday is usually a good one. However, with Halloween coming in within several days you probably want to try a new twist like telling horror stories to your family and relatives. You don’t need to tell them the newest horror story that you have just heard or seen from internet. Any old story you already knew will do just fine. It will be more interesting if you are willing to do a little research about it before you tell them, especially if the story was happened in your nearby location. It will create a powerful scare effect among your listener before and during the Halloween event. You have to be careful though if the majority of your listeners are small children, it might change their belief about ghosts and other supernatural existence throughout their life.

Another popular thing that you can do along with your family prior to Halloween is pumpkin carving. It is also formerly known as Jack o’ lantern, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ‘ignis fatuus’. To create a Jack o’ lantern, you need to cut off the top of a pumpkin, and then scooped out the inside flesh. Usually, a menacing face like a demon or a devil is carved onto the outside surface of the pumpkin and the lid is replaced. A variety of tools may be used to carve and hollow out the gourd, ranging from simple knives and spoons to specialized instruments. Printed stencils can also be used as a guide for increasingly complex design. At the night of the Halloween, a light source (usually a candle) is placed inside the pumpkin to illuminate the effect.

If somehow you have too many pumpkins and too little time to carve them all you can try to play a little game of pumpkin bowling. Find several unused pumpkins and then stack them up on a hard floor, the largest pumpkin should be at the bottom and you can put the smallest one at the top. You can stack them as high as you like, and you can also make a pyramid stack out of them if you have enough pumpkins. After that, find some lightweight plastic balls – plastic bowling balls are excellent for this and then let the kids go bowling! This game is pretty fun especially among younger children who just love knocking over the pumpkin heads and all the kids who play deserve to get a prize for this game.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Ibiza

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea lies one of the club capitals of Europe: a small island named Ibiza with some of the biggest named clubs in the industry, including Pacha, Space, Café del mar and many others. This means that large numbers of tourists are attracted to the island on a seasonal basis, as the club scene is always alive. If you are looking for a clubbing holiday, then look no further.

Many of the clubs are set in the beautiful San Antonio bay, a plateau that is flat for around five hundred meters and covered with clear water, allowing you to walk out into the middle of what seems the sea. Sant Antoni bay is one of the best night scenes, as just a few meters away from the beautiful sand is a line of the hottest clubs for techno, electronic dance, house and trance music, with regular visits from huge UK DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Tiesto and Dark Forest constantly bringing the hottest and most up to date music that there is. You should always try to buy tickets to the main clubs in advance, as door prices can be around 20 euros more, enough for 2 more beers when you get inside!. The prices for drinks can be high, so be warned to take plenty of cash with you, but there really is not any other island like it for the atmosphere, so it is well worth a visit at least once.

Head to a sunset café first, before the clubs, to really get in the mood for a great night out. Cocktails and spirits overlooking the sun setting over San Antonio will allow you to relax and get those initial cheaper drinks, so you are prepared for the clubbing scene later. Try the Café del Mar and make the most of the wonders of the Ibiza scenery. The music will already be spinning in the bars, so you will be entertained all through the night. Around this area are many go karting tracks and usual day time holiday activities too, so you will never be bored.

If clubbing is not to your taste then do not fear for Ibiza is a historical island with ancient ruins scattered around too. There are desirable tourist hot spots, from old castles up in the mountains and built on cliff edges, to the magnificent old town and the old port of Ibiza. This has fantastic ramparts and old crooked authentic streets, which are brilliant for getting lost down on a hot afternoon, as the sun is covered by the high old style Spanish architecture which is just made more outstanding by the site of the sun glistening over the old tiled roofs. Being an island of vast history, Ibiza is locally claimed to be the birth place of Christopher Columbus and there is a monument that has been erected in his honour.

For a more family feel, try the Playa d’en Bossa area, with carousels and bouncy castles as well as everything else a child could need for a great holiday in the sun. Water sports can also be enjoyed around all of the coastal areas, meaning there is an activity whatever your age.

Happy Holidays

Holiday Survival Guide for Chronic Illness Sufferers

The holidays can be a joyous time for so many. Those that suffer from chronic illness can find the holidays overwhelming. Every day is a struggle just to survive and then the pressure of everything surrounding the holidays starting from Thanksgiving till New Year’s can cause an already depressed chronically ill person to be devastated.

They know they can’t keep up and do everything that they would like to with their families and friends. It’s not that a chronic ill person is antisocial; they just don’t have the energy to do day to day things and the holiday’s puts enormous pressure on the person who can barely make it through each day.

Here is A Survival List for Those Who Suffer from Chronic Illness.
• Learn and discipline yourself to pace yourself. You do not have to keep up with every activity that is going on. Do things at your own pace. If you can’t do something tell yourself that it’s okay and let it go.
• Plan ahead. Write out a list of events coming up and carefully analyze what is a priority and what is not. From there you can decide what you want to do the most. Do not be persuaded by others that you have to do something. Think for yourself and know that again whatever decision you make is right for you.
• Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you would like to cook something special, but do not have the energy to do so ask a friend or family member to help you prepare your special dish. If you have trouble walking do not hesitate to ask someone to help move you with a wheelchair. There’s nothing wrong with being in a wheelchair. If sitting up for long periods of time tires you do not be afraid to ask if you can lie down and rest for a while. Whatever you need ask for help.
• Be realistic. Know your limitations. Do not attempt to do something that is beyond your physical capabilities. Many people who are chronically ill have trouble with this concept. They want to still be able to do the things they used to. You don’t have to. Look at your life realistically.
• Get enough sleep or rest. The winter months can be hard on a chronically ill person to begin with and you need to make sure you get adequate sleep or rest. Remember you do not have to make excuses or apologize to anyone for your loss of energy. Always be yourself and people will either accept it or they will reject it, but what they think is really none of your business. You live what is right for you.
• Eat real food. Processed and foods filled with chemicals are not good for an already chronically ill body. It’s tempting to eat lots of the holiday goodies, and it’s okay to have some, but keep it to a small amount. You need all the strength you can get and do your best to eat whole healthy foods. Protein foods increase your energy. Remember carbohydrates bring down the energy.
• Shop online! One of the best inventions in the world has been the Internet for shopping. Amazon Prime can be a godsend for those who are chronically ill. You can have packages sent direct to your loved ones and be wrapped with a note from you. Think of all the energy you save by doing this. Also it saves on car usage and gasoline. If you want you can have your purchases sent to you and have the fun of wrapping and decorating the packages how you would like to. This is one of the fun projects you can do that gives you enjoyment and you can do it at your own pace!
• Do not feel guilty! Because you cannot do all the things you want to and you may not be able to attend an event that is important to a family member or friend, do not let it get you down. Do not feel guilty. You have a chronic illness and you are doing the very best that you can. Say out loud every day “I Am Doing the Best I Can” and eventually you will start believing it and not feel guilty when you have to say no.
• Stretch your muscles. You may not be able to exercise, but you can stretch your muscles and that will help keep them limber. Before you get out of bed each morning take time to stretch all of your muscles. This is going to help you move better than normal. If it’s possible do some light walking, but if you cannot stretching your muscles is going to improve your circulation. Also it’s very important that every morning you do 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing increases the oxygen in the body and the brain and will help you to feel better. It can reduce depression. So remember breathe!
• Learn to say NO! There is nothing wrong with saying no I cannot do this or that. People may not understand, but that is their problem. You have to realize what’s important for you and do not feel obligated to do something when you know that you cannot. Doing this is going to empower you in your chronic illness and believe it or not people will start to respect the fact that you cannot do something. No is a powerful word. Use that power.
• Listen To Music! Music speaks to the soul and can help you feel peaceful and relaxed. Choose whatever music makes you feel good. It can be Christmas music, classical music, or rock and roll. Let the music take you to different places! This is a great way to relax and enjoy the season!

I know that these tips will help you get through the holidays better than ever before. The reason I know is I live with chronic illness and I’ve had to learn to do these things throughout my journey in life.

I wish you the very best holiday ever!

Top Holiday Activities in Koh Chang – Snorkelling

Of the wide diversity of activities available to visitors of the paradise Koh Chang Island of Thailand, snorkelling proves to be amongst the most popular, which is to be expected in a way since the natural beauty depicted by the island comes together rather beautifully with the organisation of the local tourist activities service providers to make for an experience that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Koh Chang Island snorkelling offers a window into the hidden world of a side to the island not usually covered by the tourist guides, which is a great thing in many respects since it leaves a side to the island which can be discovered individually by those who dare to take a peak into the oceanic underworld.

A whole other world exists beneath the surface of the land and water, with some real insight obtained by those who have the foresight to add this activity to their itinerary.

Snorkelling Locations

The entire parameter of the island is lined with punctuations of service providers offering snorkelling activities, usually closely linked with surfing as an alternative or integration, but most of the snorkelling gang launches either from Klong Phrao Beach or even Salak Khok Bay (Salak Khok Bay is a great option to go to by boat since it is largely unspoilt), but probably the ultimate snorkelling excursion surrounding Koh Chang Island is one which runs along the southern side of the island.

A complete Koh Chang snorkelling excursion of this sort would either be a half-day or all-day affair, with the underwater sightseeing getting more and more interesting and diverse as one moves further away from Koh Chang itself, heading in the direction of Koh Rang and Koh Wai.

Some of the clearest waters can be found nearer Koh Rang than any other shore, with the frequency with which you will stop and get to dive rather unique to the particular snorkelling service provider you will be going with as well as the mode of transportation afforded to you and your group (speed boat, wooden boat, sailing boat).

Service Providers

As far as the diving service providers go, the best option to go for would be one which comes as a combination package, with snorkelling included in the combo — unless of course it is only this activity you are after as a sole experience.

Some service providers who integrate snorkelling into their services include the likes of the Kai Bae 5 Island Speed Boat Tour, Bee Ba Snorkelling Cruise, Scuba Thailand and the Koh Chang Day Cruise.

Diving off the beaches of Koh Chang, weather just off the coast or deep into the surrounding seas, is one of the top holiday activities in this part of the world, so accessibility is suitably catered for in this regard, with many Koh Chang resorts coming to the party and integrating a link with this activity as part of their offering.