Holiday & Travel Guide For the Costa Del Sol, Spain


The Costa del Sol or the “Coast of the Sun” is located in the southern region of Spain, running along the coast of the province of Malaga. The Costa del Sol stretches for a few hundred kilometres bordering the Mediterranean Sea, being situated opposite the most northern coast of Africa. The Costa del Sol includes many of Spain’s top beach resorts including Torremolinos, Marbella, Gibraltar and of course one of Spain’s most prolific cities, Malaga. As the Costa del Sol borders on the Mediterranean Sea, this means that the waters are a clear azure blue and the sands consist of a fine white texture, making these some of the world’s finest, and host to activities such as glass bottom boats, fishing, diving and swimming. If you are more of a relaxing holiday maker then there is always the option to take it easy and lay back on the clear white sand and just watch the world go by, whilst the children entertain themselves. All of the beaches found on the Costa del Sol are guaranteed to be child friendly and all of the resorts which are based on the coast have brilliant facilities in order to cater for even the most active of children.


The Costa del Sol is comprised of some of the most popular destinations for British holiday makers, meaning that there is no shortage of things for people to do and include in their holiday snaps. One of the main attractions about the Costa del Sol is simply the climate, with temperatures which barely reach lower than 20?C, this is one of those destinations perfect for getting or topping up your summer tan. The Costa del Sol overall is a beautiful place, with the rocky mountains of the Spanish hills slowly melting down into towns and cities based all along the coast, with clean beaches and the breath taking blue of the sea. It is an amazing place to just go and get lost in the beautiful architecture surrounding all of the small markets and small harbours. Unique attractions in the area include the “Rock of Gibraltar”, which has breath taking views and which is also home to the mischievous monkeys. This is a tourist attraction which is definitely family friendly, as children always love seeing the antics which the monkeys get up to. Seeing them walk beside you really is an experience which should not be missed out on. In contrast to the Rock of Gibraltar, there is the Alhambra Palace found in Granada, a place mainly for an adult audience as it is a city with a lot of history. Surrounded by the Nevada mountain range, the Palace is an amazing show of architecture and simply a beautiful place, it is one of those places which just cannot be visited only once. There are also safari parks, sea life centres and water parks up and down the resort, ready for families to go and have fun at.


The main place to shop in the Costa del Sol would be Malaga, with not only conventional shops but also tourist attractions too, with loads of fabulous architecture dotted around everywhere while you shop. Marbella’s Golden Mile is perfect for boutique shopping, or you can even take a ride over to Morocco for the famous markets if you wish if you do not find enough at the local markets packed with handmade goods.


Being based in Spain the Costa del Sol boasts good places to eat literally everywhere, from tapas and traditional Spanish fare, to international dishes for those who are a little less daring.


Again being Spain, the night-life is everywhere, with lots of bars open into the early morning guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest ravers. Check out Malaga for partying and look around for casinos, bars and pubs everywhere else, to make sure you are occupied every evening.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Bora Bora, Tahiti


Bora Bora Lagoon is one of the most tranquil in the Pacific Ocean. It is ideal for couples and those that are looking for a calm beautiful retreat away from their busy working life. The Island is very couples’ orientated but that’s not saying you can’t take the family too, with its turquoise warm waters and soft white sand beach. There are many activities along the Lagoon for those that don’t want to laze around relaxing, reading a book or topping up their golden tan under the coconut trees. There are numerous water sports like diving, snorkeling and scuba diving in the warm waters. You will also find that there are jet skis and parasailing for those wanting activities that are fast and thrilling.


It is a must while you’re staying in Bora Bora. Try the swimming with the sharks’ excursion, what an experience not to be missed. It’s not something you can do in many places around the world, but if you want something a little less daring then a leisurely walk along to the coral reefs this is for you. Here you can watch the divers feeding the sharks and grab rays by hand. The views are magnificent around the Island and there are plenty of photo opportunities in every direction when you take a 4×4 jeep tour. Or for something a little more tranquil perhaps for a romantic couple, hiring a boat and sailing around the island on the calm waters by sunset is very panoramic. Visit the ancient archaeological sites, they are quite impressive, like the Marae mysterious rock piles. Unfortunately most of the temples were destroyed by missionaries in the last century, but you will find perched around the island 7 costal guns left from World War II. There are some small museums and galleries to visit. Horseback riding excursions are also a very popular way to see the island at a leisurely pace. After exploring this beautiful island, relax in the spa, being pampered with a traditional calming massage.

Night life

If you’re looking for loud and vibrant nightclubs then Bora Bora is not the place for you, the island does have some bars that the younger locals regularly use, which play reggae, funk and upbeat music. Most of the night life is focused around the hotels and restaurants, while you enjoy a meal and a cocktail with the other guests.


Traditional cuisine on the island has French, Polynesian and Asian influences; freshly cooked fish and Lobster is regularly served, but I must warn you eating out in Bora Bora is quite expensive, even the local mobile food carts selling international snacks like omelettes, noodles and burgers are expensive. So, if you’re on a budget, try buying your items from the supermarket and cooking them yourself in catering accommodation, it is far more economical.


Traditional hand crafted souvenirs are readily available around the small island and there are a few very nice boutiques for something a little more special to take home from this tranquil Island, perhaps you fancy a black pearl. The popular and colourful markets, selling local delicacies and tropical fruits, and the local flea market are always pleasurable to visit and are a place where you can chat to the very friendly local people.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Kos, Greece

Kos is a Greek island which lies to the south east of mainland Greece, in the Karpathian sea and is the third largest island of the Dodecanese chain of Greek Islands. There is 122km of coastline and it is a long narrow island, mainly flat and low-lying, with a some small mountainous regions towards the North West and South. There is a great variety of things to do on the island of Kos.

What is Kos like?

Kos is an island made up of one large city (Kos Town) and many other villages which can be explored easily via the transportation networks. Slightly smaller than its neighbour Rhodes, it still has many tourists who visit for the plentiful beaches and the wonderful history that the island is steeped in too. There is plenty of nightlife and beach activity, for those who look for that in a holiday, but there is also much more to explore in Kos that could make for an equally wonderful holiday.

Main towns

Kos Town is the capital and has a mix of bars, clubs and great sights, such as ruins and other historical artifacts. Kardamena is also the other area to visit for typical touristy nightlife, being the island’s largest package holiday resort.

Tingaki and Lampi are better resorts for families, with Tingaki being good for windsurfing and watersports and both having a good array of beachside cafes and shops. Lampi, or Lambi Beach, is easy to get to from Kos Town if you wish to travel between the two.

Kamari is quieter, with a nice beach with restaurants and bars, but aimed more at tourists wishing for a relaxing break. Swimming and snorkelling is good around here, although the waters are colder. Kefalos is also quieter, being set in the west and has an old town to explore and many smaller beaches nearby, this overlooks Kamari. Lastly, Mastichari has a good selection of food and bars but has a quieter perspective, with a beautiful beach and tracks to go exploring on.

Things to do

There are the usual beach activities and water sports that can be done in Kos. If you are looking for a lively holiday with plenty to do, then try one of the many resort areas which are popular with tourists. The southern beaches of Bubble, Camel, Sunny, Banana and Magic are beautiful sand stretches which can easily be travelled to from Kamari and Kefalos. Many will go to these in the day, before returning to their own resorts at night.

If you are looking for more historical parts of the island then try an excursion to Kos Town. Boasting the Venetian Castle of the Knights, a Roman nymphaeum with mosaic floors and Hippocrate’s plane tree (it was his birthplace), amongst other attractions, this town is an odd mix of history and a modern tourist resort with a plentiful amount of bars and restaurants.

4km southeast of Kos Town is Asklepion, which is home to Hippocrate’s ancient sanitorium and other aspects of his life. This is the most historic place to visit, and although earthquakes have caused some damage, as has time, there is still plenty to see.

To explore the landscape of Greece, try many of the local tour operators and take a boat ride to Nisyros island, which has craters, steam vents and volcanic fumeroles to look at. If you take this trip, good footwear is advisable because of the steep grounds. Pserimos island is also a short boat ride and has lovely beaches to visit.

Those wishing to go nightclubbing in Kos should stick to Kos Town or Kardamena, which are both hotspots for young people.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Majorca, Spain

Majorca is the largest island of Spain and lies in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The actual name Majorca derives from the Latin for Larger Island. Majorca is a sun drenched island which has been a go to place for British holiday makers since the package holiday was introduced back in the 1950’s, and the popularity has been on a steady increase ever since. Some Brits liked the island so much that they decide to relocate there, expats now make nearly 12% of Spain’s population.

Majorca is divided up into fifty three different municipalities and since tourism accounts for eighty percent of the annual income in Majorca, it gives this island an abundant amount of things which tourists can jump right into. Whether you like shopping or relaxing, Majorca has it all on one island.

The capital city of Majorca, Palma, has a great atmosphere and is full of examples of exquisite architecture which would be the back drop to any holiday snap which you can boast about back home. Palma, being situated on the south-west coast of the island, has the best of both worlds with the city supplying everything and anything which you could think of and being dominated by the huge Palma cathedral with its Gothic style (dating back to 1601), to the beautiful sandy beaches just a stones throw away.

If you are not really into site seeing holidays then there is also Magaluf, one of the biggest resorts in the municipality of Calvià, situated right next to Palma. Here you can party all through the night and shop all through the day if you so wish, perfect for the younger tourists or for 20-somethings on a fun summer break. If you manage to drag yourself out of bed after clubbing, Magaluf also has two water parks, a variety of water sports including diving and jet skiing, and the mighty Black lizard island so named as it has a large number of black lizards on it. Black lizard island is in the middle of Magaluf bay, around 500 meters from the shore and can only be reached by swimming, making it a real challenge. Magaluf has also been host to many famous DJ’s in the past, such as: Judge Jules, Tiesto, Pat Sharp and Tim Westwood. The action in Magaluf is centred around the main strip, a road with five main clubs on, these can be entered for a fee or a pass can be bought which will allow you access to all five of the main clubs for the night or for a week. Obviously the price varies on which type of pass you wish to purchase.

The region is great for any age, as there are plenty of daytime activities which can keep kids and adults alike busy, and it is easy to get transportation into Magaluf, or a hotel there far enough away from the main strip, that people can party in style and families will not have to be affected.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Parga, Greece


The wonderful small town of Parga on the Greek mainland is very picturesque, with its Venetian style white washed houses lining the cobbled streets that are decorated with flowers in bloom all through the Summer months. This delightful town has a few tourist attractions on offer. For one there are more than enough churches to visit, St Nikolas church dominates the centre of the town and is quite impressive from the outside but when you enter its rather disappointing, but still worth a visit. The castle that stands above the town is definitely worth the long walk up the narrow pathway. If you’re walking ability is limited then you may not manage to walk up the many steps that lead you to the castle. Just walking around the narrow streets in Parga is interesting and very photogenic. They are rather steep but at a leisurely pace most people will be able to explore the area. If you’re feeling energetic and would like some fabulous shots of the scenery on the island I would advise a walk up the hill to the little church. The views are panoramic and it really is well worth the walk. For those of you wanting to see something a little more architectural then you could either hire a car to drive to Ioannina or take public transport. The town has an ancient Oracle of the Dead and also a large Amphitheatre to explore along with the old castle that they now use as a museum.

Shopping and eating

The best place to shop is probably in the old part of the town where it is a warren of shops of every kind. You can purchase beautiful handmade jewellery and leather items along with some quality ceramics. There has to be something for everyone whether it’s in the old town or newer part. You will also find some interesting items in the local villages around Parga. There are about as many restaurants as there are shops in this small town so you have an excellent amount of choice. This is excellent for those families on a budget as you will be sure to find somewhere that the price is right. The cuisine is mostly Greek but there are Chinese, Italian and places serving typical international meals. For those of you who don’t like to experiment you will even find a co-op store to stock up on shopping. This is ideal if you are self catering and need to purchase those necessities you may have forgotten to bring along with you.


All the beaches in Parga are wonderful, peaceful and not too crowded. Valtos beach is ideal for swimming, jet skiing and having a go on the banana boat along with boating and many other activities. You will find most of the beaches have good facilities and activities to suit most people. With the weather from April through to October being very nice it’s ideal for a holiday away at anytime of the year.

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