Coping With Cancer During The Holidays – A Guide For Patients And Caregivers

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time of year when a family is coping with a brain tumor. It is not abnormal to feel like your usual holiday cheer has been overshadowed by incongruent feelings. Here are the Brain Tumor Buzz’s top ten helpful hints to ease the process… “Before you call the whole season off.”

1. Normalcy is Good – This is especially important when you feel so detached from your normal holiday cheer or excitement. The goal this year is to find a new normal, while honoring family tradition.

2. Create a New Normal – Participate in the usual holiday festivities that you feel up to, but do not feel obligated. This is also a great time to institute those new holiday traditions that you have been pining over for the last five years.

3. Do Not Isolate-Even though you may not be in a celebratory mood. Do not avoid the holidays. Most people do find relief in participating in some holiday activities. It is healthy to be around others, and can help you to feel supported.

4. Allow Others to Offer Support – Many people do not know how to respond when someone they know and love has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Allow others to help in their own way. Some are good at cooking, others like to clean, shop, or decorate. These activities can be a big help during this busy time of year. Remember, people would not offer if they did not want to help. Do not feel like you are burdening them. This allows them to feel supportive and helpful to you.

5. Be Respectful-Try to discuss the holidays ahead of time. This will allow caregivers to plan appropriately for parties, presents, and decorating. As caregivers, we help from the heart, but not always the mind. Be respectful of decorating, cooking, and other planning. These activities can be very emotional for someone with a brain tumor, and may be more upsetting then good.

6. Express Yourself-Brain tumors require multifaceted treatments, which often include mood altering agents. Steroids and other medications have a nasty way of wreaking havoc on normally pleasant people. This can become very overwhelming quickly in combination with the normal stress that accompanies the holidays. Therefore, it is important to allow for happiness, sadness, and every emotion in between. Emotions and crying are normal and facilitate the healing process. Remember, mood fluctuations in individuals with brain tumors are normal. Do not take them personally.

7. Set Your Own Pace-Brain tumors often bring aphasia or other speech difficulties. Remember that crowds may be too overwhelming for your loved one. Try to arrange smaller group gatherings if possible. Provide frequent breaks or limit visits to avoid frustration. Make a signal together so that they can discreetly inform you when they need a break.

8. Rest and Relax-Remember, it is important to take care of yourself first. Do not overdue it. Let your body and mind direct your activities, and remember to take a break. Try shopping from home this year or allow others to shop for you.

9. Protect Yourself – This is an important message to patients and caregivers alike. Many germs come with all of those holiday visitors and their goodies. Do not be afraid to set boundaries with others, and limit visitors. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments rely on healthy recipients. Lastly, stay away from the buffet. This is a breading ground for germs from dirty hands, and from food that is often not properly refrigerated.

10. Cooking Caveats – The chemotherapy and radiation that accompany brain tumor treatment often like to bring their naughty friends nausea and vomiting to dinner. Try cooking when your loved one is at appointments if possible or while he or she is sleeping. Have food catered or allow family members to do the cooking for you. Eating out is another option, but beware of germs. Food served cold is also more palatable for some. Avoid foods that are too spicy or bland, depending on your needs. Eating with plastic utensils can help decrease the metallic taste that some people experience.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Peloponnese, Greece


There are more than enough archaeological sites to visit as well as churches and museums. In fact there are more than a dozen museums with a variety of themes to keep you busy through your holiday. The oldest winery Achaia Clauss in Greece is a must do. It’s very interesting and makes a good choice of dessert wines; the winery is open daily and is set amongst pine trees on the hill top. You will find some ruins of ancient castles and palaces but to be honest they are not that terrific. Perhaps the Pirgos Dirou caves would be more of an interesting excursion. They were apparently used as religious places of worship back in the Neolithic times, and more recently used as a hiding place in World War 2. The caves can be quite chilly even in the high season so be prepared with something to cover you up, and also suitable foot wear. Inside it is like a grotto with colourful lights lighting up the many stalactites and stalagmites. It takes approximately 25 minutes, and the tour guide will tell you about its history, and that it was believed to be the gateway to the underworld to the ancient Greeks. You really need to hire a car to be able to see all the interesting but small sites around the island. The island is very panoramic with lush woodland and red brick or white washed buildings. You must not forget to go to Olympia, where the Olympic torch is lit by one of the high priests as in the ancient times, so it can then be passed around the world. If you are holidaying during the months of January to February then you will be able to experience the lively and colourful festivals the island has.


There are many beaches on the island of Peloponnese. To be able to see most of them you need to hire a car as each beach varies from town to town with some having beautiful soft sands to others being quite pebbly. You will also find a few naturist beaches like Vathi Gythiou and Kalo Nero so they are not ideal for taking the children too. Actually nudism is allowed on all the beaches so you may come across tourists exposing themselves even on the more family friendly beaches. There are some beaches that offer some water sports but they are dotted around. You will be able to find activities like Para gliding, diving and banana boat rides if you look for them.


Olympia is better known on the island for shopping. You will find a variety of high end stores selling everything you could think of, but it is expensive, so unless you have a bulging wallet then I am afraid you will be just window shopping. Many of the smaller towns have decent shops to buy handmade items and souvenirs from, especially handmade rugs and handbags; if you have hired a car or use the public transport the smaller shopping villages do make a good day out.

Happy Holidays

Barbados Holidays Travel Guide – Explore Paradise on Earth

If you are searching for a holiday destination full of fun and adventuresome activities, then Barbados is the place for you. This holiday spot grabs every heart and make you relish unforgettable lifetime moments here. Your holidays to Barbados will take you to an island country which is situated betwixt the famous Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela and east of the Windward Island. Barbados boasts mild, tropical climate with lively streets, wonderful landscapes and beautifying picturesque natural sceneries. So you will enjoy each and every step on your Barbados holidays.

Barbados shares an average annual temperature of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore the weather conditions do not vary much making the climatic conditions always favorable to enjoy an exciting holidays in Barbados. So it is all up to you to decide when you want to go for your vacation. But winters are fairly suitable since summers have somewhat hotter weather, and the summer and preceding months bring more probability of rains. Barbados is full of lively sightseeing attractions that you will like for sure.

Every year millions of tourists and travelers from all the corners of the World are attracted to the islands of Barbados. Beach holidays to Barbados are more fun filled and you will get plentiful of water sporting and adventuresome activities to enjoy. This Caribbean promising island features long stretches of clean sand beaches that are most admiring. You can enjoy Barbados beach holidays at every direction of the island. The beaches are separated in all the four coastal areas i.e. east, west, north and south. Some of the popular ones are Accra Beach, Bath Beach, Brownes Beach, Casuarina Beach, Garrison Beach, Mullins Bay, Miami Beach, Paradise Beach and Worthing Beach etc. Indulge yourself into the exciting activities of snorkeling, diving, swimming, parasailing, kayaking etc.

Explore the stunning attractions on your holidays to Barbados with your friends and loved ones. Take a visit to the capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown where you will see the ancient historical landmarks like National Heroes Square, Neogothic Parliament Buildings, Bridgetown Synagogue and many more. History lovers will surely like it. The other eye catching attractions are Chalky Mount potters, Crane Beach, East Coast Road etc. Holidays in Barbados can be toothsome if you visit to the popular restaurants in Barbados like the cliff restaurant, Red House Inn Restaurant, Lone Star restaurant, The Steak house etc. Reading this you might now get excited and must be craving for enjoying holidays in Barbados. So just open your internet and book Barbados holiday packages for you and your family.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Dubai


Dining in Dubai is quite cheap and their traditional cuisine has Arabic influences, which provides some very tasty dishes. Shawrama is chicken or lamb that is mixed with local made pickle and tomatoes with garlic and fries, it is then wrapped up inside a roti similar to a naan bread (which is served with most Arabic meals). This is along with Falafel, which is made from chick peas and many spices and is then deep fried similar to French fries, they are delicious. In Dubai you will also find many international food outlets like McDonald’s, as well as Indian and other international food restaurants, which are readily available. While you’re in Dubai try the traditional dishes though, you won’t be disappointed and once tried you will be back for more.


Palm Beach is the most famous and pristine beach in Dubai: it has a wealth of water sports like scuba diving and sailing and there are beach activities on offer too. With all year round sunshine, it’s one of the best countries to visit throughout the year, which is ideal for those wanting to swim in the warm waters and soak up the sun at anytime of the year.


Shopping in Dubai is very fulfilling, with high street and designer stores and massive malls to keep you busy shopping for days on end. If you want to create a piece of jewellery to your own design then you can have your masterpiece created for you before your holiday ends in many of the fine jewellery stores at the gold souk. There are so many choices of traditional carpets and fine art that your head will be spinning with delight and you’ll be unable to sleep deciding which one you will take back home with you. The open markets are full of crafts and tourist souvenirs, so there is something to suit everyone’s pocket.


You will be amazed at the fabulous luxury hotels in Dubai: these alone will keep you busy sightseeing, but if you have had enough of these then try the Golden City Tour, exploring the some of the historical sites like the picturesque palace and the famous Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxury hotel that looks like a gigantic shiny sail. If you are looking to experience some of Dubai heritage then a tour to Majlis Al Ghoraifa is for you, where you will witness some old traditions come alive. Then you can take a water boat ride over to Sheikh Saeed House, that houses some very old stamps, coins and photograph collections. Dubai is an ever growing city and this can be seen all over the city with the amount of construction work and fabulous buildings being created each year; every time you visit Dubai you will be sure to notice the constant changes to this country. The desert tours in a 4×4 jeep are fantastic, driving over the large sand dunes in the Hatta Desert and on to the Hajar mountains. Or, for those wanting a more authentic journey in the desert, take a ride on the ‘ships of the desert’ (camels) over the dunes at dusk, it’s a truly amazing experience.

Happy Holidays

Holiday & Travel Guide For the Costa Dorada, Spain


Located on the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Costa Dorada has several beaches, as you would expect, and even has Blue Flag status for a couple of them, showing they are high quality. There are shallow seas on sandy beaches, perfect for family holidaymakers, and the Costa Dorada is literally named ‘The Golden Coast’ if you translate the Spanish title. For watersports go to the Vilanova i la GeltrĂș where there is a complex for them, as well as a host of Blue Flag beaches and many seafront activities along the promenade. Ribes Roges beach and Sant Gervasi beach are both popular with tourists, but check out the Playa El Faro beach, with a lighthouse and lovely surrounding green areas where you can sit and relax. You will not have trouble finding a place to soak up the sun in the Costa Dorada, so just explore the whole sea front as much as you can.


The Costa Dorada region is a great area to take kids to, as there are a number of themed parks that will keep them occupied all day for several days. Try the theme park Port Aventura in Salou, which borders both the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, or go to the fantastic Aqualeon Park, for which you can get a free bus service from Salou. Here you can explore the habitats of many animals, safari style, as it is a safari park and water park combined into one. With rapids and black holes, slaloms and twisters, there is plenty to do in the water after you get yourself energised watching some of the world’s best animals such as Bengal Tigers, African Elephants and Meerkats. Aquapolis is also a water park in Salou, if you want to skip out on seeing animals or want to have more water related fun, which includes an awesome dolphin show!

For historical based activities head to Tarragona. Tarragona hosts Miravet Castle, the Amfiteatre Roma (ruins) and the Archaelogical Museum of Tarragona, a World Heritage Site, amongst many other things. It is sure to provide a couple of days entertainment.


Markets operate in every main resort, selling items ranging from leather to pottery, to typical tourist goods. You can take a bus to Barcelona for the day if you want a real day shopping, but markets and small boutiques can be found scattered around in the Costa Dorada, so you should have plenty to look at right where you are.


Cambrilis is the most traditional place to eat, with lovely fish restaurants and cobbled streets to amble down to find them. Authentic Spanish food can be found everywhere though, particularly sea food, alongside typical English cuisine and dishes from across every part of the world, to suit every taste.


Salou tends to be the destination of choice for those looking to let their hair down and party, but you are also only a short ride away from the excellent nightclubs in Barcelona. Traditional Flamenco dancing and fairs can be found up and down the region in the summer months too, so try and catch them for brilliant fun. Stiges is a brilliant epicentre for the gay scene if you wish to immerse yourself, but small towns like Cambrilis are perfect for the family with a quiet charm and traditional eateries.

Happy Holidays