Outdoor Holiday Activities Around Scarborough and Whitby

If you are looking for a great UK holiday location which offers some of the best coastline and breathtaking landscapes to explore in the UK, as well as two long-established holiday resorts which offer an array of activities and things to do during your stay, then Scarborough and Whitby are for you.

Situated on the North Yorkshire coast, both Scarborough and Whitby are ideally placed to offer anyone wanting UK holiday locations which offer a great coastal location and are situated by one of the UK’s much-loved National Parks: the North Yorks Moors.

These two historical holiday resorts offer many of the things you would expect from a UK holiday resort, but they also offer a wonderful range of outdoor holiday activities in and around the local area for visitors to enjoy.

The local beaches and shoreline have a plethora of activities for anyone visiting this stretch of coastline. This part of the UK has a long maritime history as it was where the intrepid adventurer Captain Cook grew up and learned his maritime craft. So, if you want to take a look around the coast line from the sea, why not enjoy one of the daily pleasure cruises throughout the season?

Alternatively, if you don’t mind getting wet, why not hire a surfboard and wetsuit and take to the sea to have a go at surfing some of the local waves? Many of the local beaches and coves between Whitby and Scarborough are well-known by not only the local surfers but the many surfing tourists who frequent this region from around the country.

This stretch of Yorkshire’s Fossil Coast also offers visitors a variety of places which are renowned for fossil hunting, and around the Whitby coast is where you will also find people looking for the semi-precious stone known as ‘Whitby Jet’. The coast also has some great opportunities for anglers or people wanting to try their hand at sea fishing.

For walkers, this coastline features a wonderful array of scenic coastal footpaths with some great coastal trails to explore on foot. If you are a cyclist, you will have a great selection of cycle routes to ride on, which give a great way to cover greater distances whilst exploring this picturesque part of the Yorkshire country side.

If you prefer a more leisurely way of travelling, you could always plump for a ride on four legs at one of the local horse riding stables, which will offer you a great opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of some of the less accessible routes and different scenery.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Antalya, Turkey


Underneath the blue skies of Antalya, there are some beautiful beaches with wonderful backdrops of lush green mountains, where tourists from all over the world come to soak up the sunshine that reaches up to 30 degrees throughout the long summer of May to September. The entire range of beaches offer a variety of water sports from those wanting a fun banana boat ride to the more exciting and faster activity of Jet skiing. You will also find there are many small boat cruises available so you can sail out into the warm waters of the Mediterranean for a sun soaked relaxing cruise, and swim. If you’re looking for fun on the sea then you could also try an exciting booze cruise. These are usually aimed at the 18-25yr olds so can be rather lively.


You won’t be short of things to do in Antalya. There are many tour excursions available and dozens of street vendors selling them at a very reasonable price. Please check that you are insured if you have decided to participate in any wild or extreme excursions that are on offer. Not too far out of the city is Perge, where you will be able to explore the ancient ruins from the Roman times and take a dip in the Southern baths that were originally built for male use only. These days ladies are able to use them at certain times of the day. After this you can take a guided tour around the marvellous Roman canal system that used to keep the city cool in the summer months. It is an interesting tour and the large Roman gate tower amongst the ruins in Perge is very impressive with great photo opportunities. On the outskirts of Antalya you will also find the impressive ancient theatre called Aspendos. Back in the city of Antalya stands the 13th century Mosque and Minaret. These won’t be difficult to spot, as the Yivli Minaret stands 38 metres tall. There is also the old city to take a leisurely walk around and view some more historical sites. This is an interesting part of the city with old Ottoman houses that have been preserved and parts of the ancient city wall can still be seen. Antalya has enough history and sights to keep most tourists occupied while on their holiday with fabulous waterfalls that cascade into the sea, through to museums and lovely parks.


There is no shortage of nightlife in Antalya with the hotels offering a variety of evening shows to suit all the family with live entertainment and traditional dancing. Romantic couples can have a cool drink in one of the many sea front bars. For those looking for lively venues playing the hottest sounds, then you won’t be disappointed, there are plenty of nightclubs open until early hours. You will find that most of the restaurants serve a variety of traditional and international cuisine accompanied by local entertainment while you eat.


Shopping is very fulfilling in the city with more than enough markets, stores and small shops that offer to hand make you an item of clothing for the very next day. The stores sell everything from fashion shoes to souvenirs and fancy gifts, but do be careful you are not duped with items that have a designer name on but are not actually authentic.

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh is on the most northern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Being surrounded on both sides by the Red Sea, and being literally right underneath the equator makes the waters around Sharm el Sheikh constantly warm, this also has a major effect on the weather making the climate in Sharm el Sheikh dry and sunny all year round. This is perfect for a sunny get away from the gloomy rain and poor weather conditions of the UK.

Sharm el Sheikh is a well known diving hot spot, having the perfect conditions for some of the best diving in the world. Boasting over two hundred and fifty different types of coral reefs and over one thousand different species of fish, each scuba experience in this region will be different from the time before. This gives a unique experience and chance to see something totally new in comparison to some of the more predictable and more well known scuba locations, such as the great barrier reef in Australia and some of the other more famous locations to scuba dive in America.

This may not be an area specific for clubbing, but it offers good nightlife as well as daytime activities: Sharm el Sheikh has a reputation as one of the most happening places to be in Egypt, with big name clubs such as Pacha having residence there. This means that after a day of diving you can unwind and continue to move yourself to the sound of music all night long.

As well as the eighteen to thirty year old market Sharm el Sheikh also caters for family holiday makers, having bundles of things to keep not only children, but also adults entertained from sun rise to sun set. Desert camel tours are on the agenda here, so you can explore some of the inland sand dunes that Egypt is famous for. If you really want to see the famous Egyptian deserts, then you can also take a trip to the pyramids from Sharm el Sheikh, showing just how accessible the rest of Egypt is from the resort. This is incredibly empowering to the holiday maker, giving them the feeling of freedom as they are not expected to stay within the resort itself and the country is really made wide open for you to see.

Another massively popular attraction in Sharm el Sheikh orientates around the desert and is specifically for the adrenalin junkie. This is going out in a four by four, roaming free amongst the massive deserts and huge amounts of sand dunes, which all surround the resort itself. You can get maximum speeds over the flat sands and enjoy big air jumps over the sand dunes, making the four by four tours hugely enjoyable. Sharm el Sheikh is an ideal sea and sand holiday, as it literally offers an abundance of both and will leave you going home feeling refreshed, just remember to drive more carefully back at home!

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Tunisia, North Africa

Tunisia is the most northern country and the smallest in all of North Africa, situated on the Mediterranean coast. Relatively small in relation to the neighbouring countries, it is on the Atlas Mountain range and also has a southern desert region, which is part of the Sahara. Tunisia has a varied history, which means that there is much that can be learnt when you visit any of the areas there. However, it is also well known for the beautiful scenery which attracts many people each year.

Tunisia is a great place to go for a sporting holiday, as there are several major sports that are practiced in the area. Hotels may have the facilities for these onsite, but if not there are many sports clubs which can offer activities such as golf and tennis, and there is 1,300km of coastline, where water sports such as diving, sailing and surfing can be tried. Dune skiing or go karting through the desert are other sporting alternatives too, which can be a great deal of fun. It is not just a place that people go to sit and relax on the golden sands, although it is obviously a tempting pastime.

If you are in Africa, shopping is always a good thing to try out. The nation makes gorgeous hand crafted materials, from jewellery to cloths, and Tunisia is no exception. Handicrafts and creativity are one thing that you can see in abundance in Tunisia, and that is what the remainder of this article will focus on.

The heritage of Tunisia means that there are beautiful remnants of previous times still in existence. One such example is mosaics. Try the Bardo museum, 4km from the capital of Tunis, for an example of artwork and mosaics from many of the previous centuries, many from the 2nd and 4th Centuries AD. Look out for the mosaic portrait of Virgil as a key piece of artwork. The ancient city of Carthage will delight people who want to relish in the beauty of ancient Tunisian ruins, so try a day trip there, which will give you plenty of photo opportunities. Of course, whilst looking at the creativity of other nations is a great way to pass time, the best thing is being able to pick out something special that you can take back home to remember your trip by. Tunis medina (al-Madinah) is one of the best places to go to try and grab a bargain for yourself. From the 5th Century AD, Tunisia was admired for the weaving that took place there. Something such as a cushion or throw, along with ceramics, are the kind of things to look for at a Tunisian market, as they are specific to the area. The Grand Souk des Chechias, one of the biggest Souks, is also a good place to try for the traditional red caps that are known as being popular in the region and which were traditionally used for making a turban.

Sousse and Monastir also have nice markets, so wherever you are staying in the region, you can get yourself bargains to take home- just remember to haggle!

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Holiday Activities – Few Things You Can Do To Celebrate The Halloween Event

The idea of sitting together on a couch with your family and watching television spending the holiday is usually a good one. However, with Halloween coming in within several days you probably want to try a new twist like telling horror stories to your family and relatives. You don’t need to tell them the newest horror story that you have just heard or seen from internet. Any old story you already knew will do just fine. It will be more interesting if you are willing to do a little research about it before you tell them, especially if the story was happened in your nearby location. It will create a powerful scare effect among your listener before and during the Halloween event. You have to be careful though if the majority of your listeners are small children, it might change their belief about ghosts and other supernatural existence throughout their life.

Another popular thing that you can do along with your family prior to Halloween is pumpkin carving. It is also formerly known as Jack o’ lantern, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ‘ignis fatuus’. To create a Jack o’ lantern, you need to cut off the top of a pumpkin, and then scooped out the inside flesh. Usually, a menacing face like a demon or a devil is carved onto the outside surface of the pumpkin and the lid is replaced. A variety of tools may be used to carve and hollow out the gourd, ranging from simple knives and spoons to specialized instruments. Printed stencils can also be used as a guide for increasingly complex design. At the night of the Halloween, a light source (usually a candle) is placed inside the pumpkin to illuminate the effect.

If somehow you have too many pumpkins and too little time to carve them all you can try to play a little game of pumpkin bowling. Find several unused pumpkins and then stack them up on a hard floor, the largest pumpkin should be at the bottom and you can put the smallest one at the top. You can stack them as high as you like, and you can also make a pyramid stack out of them if you have enough pumpkins. After that, find some lightweight plastic balls – plastic bowling balls are excellent for this and then let the kids go bowling! This game is pretty fun especially among younger children who just love knocking over the pumpkin heads and all the kids who play deserve to get a prize for this game.